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The Inner Chief

Jul 9, 2024

“Know that if you are a leader, you have an impact on the health and wellbeing of the people around you. That's why leadership is either a life-depleting or life-feeding line of work.”


In this episode of The Inner Chief podcast, I speak to Stephen “Shed” Shedletzky, on how to foster a speak-up culture where...

Jul 2, 2024

There's been too much focus on profit outcomes in business rather than maybe building the process along the way through empowering people, through effective delegation.

In this Best of Series episode of The Inner Chief podcast, I speak to Cliff Gale, former Managing Director of Lite n’ Easy for over 20 years, on...

Jun 25, 2024

“The truth is, these 5 traits are disappointingly quite uncommon amongst leadership teams, but if you follow them, you will be closer to outsmarting the competition.”


Chief, in today’s minisode, I’m going to discuss five leadership lessons from a powerhouse executive team with whom I have worked for around...

Jun 25, 2024

“There's no faster way to learn than to do. And the beauty of VR is that it allows you to learn through experience without the physical or emotional risk.”

This is a special episode only available to our podcast subscribers, which we call The Mini Chief. These are short, sharp highlights from our fabulous CEO...

Jun 18, 2024

“One of the great pitfalls is that we just throw them in the deep end and assume they're going to swim. And when they fail, we say, oh well, they just weren’t up to it.”


Chief, in today’s minisode and YouTube video, I’m going to dive into some reasons for why so many people struggle with the shift from a...