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The Inner Chief

Apr 11, 2024

β€œWe see Tiger Woods get angry and throw clubs, but when he does something he’s done a million times, like hole a 6-foot putt, he gets super excited and dances across the green pumping his fist. Why? He's emotionally anchoring that success.”


In this Best of Series episode of The Inner Chief podcast, we feature Golf master Coach, Steve Bann, on working with the world’s best golfers, turning practice into confidence, and the improvement lifecycle.

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I interviewed Steve for this podcast in 2018.

Steve is a partner in BannLynchMcDade, a coaching team that has coached their students to 29 USPGA Tour wins and multiple international amateur and professional titles.

After turning professional in 1979, Steve played on the Australian PGA Tour from 1981 to 1996.

However, since 1996, Steve has travelled the world, coaching at over 40 Majors and five Presidents' Cups. His students have included Stuart Appleby, Robert Allenby, Ian Baker-Finch, Greg Norman, Vijay Singh, and Adam Scott.

Steve has been described by his clients as the most knowledgeable coach in the world. He is also the author of Simply Golf: Back to Basics.


In this episode we talk about: 

βœ…  Why a lot of coaches focus on fixing technique, which leads to a reactive cycle, and often has the opposite effect

βœ…  How the improvement life cycle of technical, physical, mental and strategic changes, is a far greater process to undertake

βœ…  The 6,500 skills the professionals have to learn to master golf and how this translates to the business world, and

βœ…  The 4-step routine to gaining confidence.


Deal hope,



Connecting with Steve Bann

You can reach Steve on his Coaching website or YouTube.

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