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The Inner Chief

Sep 16, 2018

Life in the chaos of the modern business world can be crushingly difficult. Many of those caught in the machine describe the daily grind as “soul destroying”. They work hard all day, every day on an endless list of tasks at work and home. It might be politics, red tape and antiquated systems frustrating them, or they might just sense that there has to be more to life than this.

Many of them feel like they need to escape, but escape isn’t the answer. They know the solution is a purposeful and impactful career and a life of significance that doesn’t come at the cost of one’s soul.

Many of them see Chiefs who are living this life. They want the same thing, so they strive to be Chiefs themselves (or at least their dream role). They drive for that title which will give them the authority to make big change. The life of a Chief can look glamorous. Not only do they have the powerful roles, they are also honoured guests at the best events, they are connected to powerful and influential people, and they have the power to make wide-ranging changes with the stroke of a pen.

Great Chiefs haven’t just walked into these roles, though. Their lives have been anything but a walk in the park. The best have embraced a tough journey that has pushed their mental toughness and adaptability to their limits. The best have been forged in the fires of hard-won, tough-fought lessons.

And this is what strikes you when you spend time with the great Chiefs: there is a different essence at their core. They aren’t interested in playing political games. Instead, they take a scalpel to bureaucracy and generate profits through purpose. Their ability to get results combines with dignity and humility, which gives them a calming presence. When this presence is united with their vision, well…that is when the magic happens.

It’s so easy to think that Chiefs are smarter, better connected or more engaging than you, but their intelligence and relationships, while undeniably important, are only a part of their success. Chiefs become Chiefs not because they are lucky with intelligence or networks, but because they have taken to heart a powerful philosophy: ownership precedes victory. They own the outcomes of every challenge they face, relationship they enter, and business they lead. Whether the outcome is success or failure, they are accountable. They demand responsibility for it and they will not share the blame with others.

The qualities and habits that make one a Chief are not innate. They are learned. The method I’ll share today is a what I covered in my book which is now an Amazon bestseller in careers. It teaches you how to become a Chief. It contains a blueprint for personal and professional mastery in the corporate world. By following the blueprint, you’ll learn to make a noticeable impact, and this will help you rise above your competition and earn a seat on the executive team. You’ll rise above the politics and overload rampant in the corporate world. You’ll learn how to become a master of yourself and your profession. It isn’t a quick fix, it will take serious hard work and lots of soul searching. But this will make your victory all the sweeter.

The 5-Step Chief Maker GREAT Method drills down on the issues that so many of those in senior management roles are dealing with. These are the issues your peers talk about time and again:

• You have no time. You’re overloaded with commitments at work and home. You don’t feel as though you’re controlling your destiny.
• You’re tired of fighting for respect, tired of trying to prove your point.
• You don’t feel connected. You don’t have friends in high places.
• Your team is predominantly made up of average performers. You and a small handful of strong performers on your team carry the load and fix others’ mistakes.
• You can’t escape the bureaucracy and career-killing politics.
• You can’t find the time for personal growth. Since you’re not mastering your craft, career growth has stalled.
• Your personal and professional lives are out of balance, which is impacting your family and your physical and mental health.
• You feel like you’re drifting, as though your career trajectory is entirely out of your hands.
• You’re no longer sure if you even want a C-Level role. It looks like it requires more sacrifice than you can afford. Deep down, you’re only half-heartedly committed to becoming a Chief.
If any of these issues resonate with you, this framework is for you.

Over the past 15 years I’ve searched the planet for the most powerful, results-driving performance strategies. I’ve coached CEOs of multi-billion dollar listed companies around the globe. I’ve helped sporting legends like Martina Natratilova to coach top tennis players and Super Rugby teams reach peak performance levels. I’ve taught the world’s best coaches how to get the absolute best out of their athletes, and I’ve helped doctors and emergency response teams become better lifesavers.

After a decade of coaching at all levels of business and at the top of elite sport, I was able to distil the most effective peak-performance strategies into a small set of repeatable behaviours. These are the behaviours that separate the career middle managers from the Chiefs. In business, in sport and in life, Chiefs do something different, and these behaviours can be learned. That observation is what drove me to write my book and share a 5 step process that I call the GREAT method to help anyone accelerate their career.

I’ve tested these five steps over more than a decade at the top of business and elite sport, and they get the desired results time and again. Whether it was in the world of business or in sport, whenever an elite performer came to me wanting a competitive edge, these were the five steps we went back to just about every time. This is a system that produces game-changing results:

1. Game Plan
2. Routine
3. Entourage
4. Assets
5. Track Record