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The Inner Chief

Dec 19, 2023

“In the second half of life, you shift from focusing on serving the self to focusing on serving family and community. That's what it means to be a true Chief, to be beyond self.”


In today’s minisode, I give to you my top 15 lessons and learnings from this year. And what a year it’s been! This year we passed 300 episodes, and we passed six years as a business with Chief Maker. 

And what I like to do at the end of every year is sit back and reflect and ask myself some questions. One question that got raised this year was by our podcast guest Jay Abraham: “What got you here?”

And I thought, what better way to finish the year than a conglomeration of lessons from chiefs, from our own experiments as a business and as individuals, to see if some of the things that we have tried have played out. Because if there's one thing we know through coaching is that you're not alone.


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