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The Inner Chief

Feb 25, 2018

In this episode I want to talk about a deep mindset shift that can lead to meteoric improvement in performance. And that is different between viewing yourself as a Professional or an Amateur.

In general terms, an Amateur is someone who turns up and has a crack. They go through spurts of increased interest and their performance spikes and troughs. They don’t take the pursuit as as an artform they are looking to master. And that is where the big line is drawn. Mastery.

Being a professional executive means learning to love the fact that this is YOUR artform and you want to build yourself over a lifetime into the sharpest professional you possibly can be. They want to be the best as leading an organisation or whatever their ‘profession’ is.

This isn’t something they start doing once their in a big role. No, they do this from the outset. Before they earn the big bucks and have the big job because in essence that is why they end up getting the big job over others.

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