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The Inner Chief

Aug 27, 2021

In this episode of The Inner Chief, you’ll hear from Ben Darwin, Co-Founder of GAIN LINE, on cohesion analytics, understanding versus skill, and sacking staff too soon.




Ben is the Co-Founder and GM of GAIN LINE Analytics, an operations and management consultancy dedicated to building consistently successful teams.


He represented the Brumbies in Super Rugby and played at international level 28 times for the Wallabies. In his last ever game of competitive rugby, he broke his neck, but extraordinarily, has since recovered.


Ben has considerable experience in coaching, player development and analysis in both Australia and Japan and is a highly-sought after speaker all around the world and in the media.


In this episode we talk all about:

  • Achieving his boyhood dream of making the Wallabies and being surrounded by his own heroes;
  • The science of cohesion, namely systems, interpersonal and positional understanding;
  • How teams work in groups and what drives changes in behaviour; and
  • Stories of where the data contradicted intuition.

Connecting with Ben Darwin

You can connect with Ben via LinkedIn or via GAIN LINE’s website.

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