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The Inner Chief

Aug 28, 2020

Our topics this week is “Mindfulness”

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This is our first installment in the High Performance in Isolation series and it is all about Mindfulness. Today I’ll outline: 

  • What is mindfulness and why is it so important in lockdown for resilience
  • What I learnt from the Shaolin monks in overcoming some of the common challenges in achieving mindfulness
  • The best strategies to build mindfulness 
  • The role of flow in improving mindfulness
  • How to us journaling as a tool to build mindfulness


  • Thank you again to our episode sponsors - SSKB
    • Since 1995, SSKB have been making a positive difference to our strata communities. Servicing clients through Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, we have a broad portfolio of schemes under management and are continually striving to make strata living as easy and seamless as possible for our clients.”

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