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The Inner Chief

Aug 1, 2019

In this episode, we meet Mia Feasey, Founder and CEO of Siren Design

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Mia founded Siren in 2005 as a place for creatives to thrive. With ambition, hard work, and an ability to think differently, Siren has flourished from a disruptive start-up, into Australasia’s leading interior design consultancy.

Led by an all-female management team, Mia's team has created award-winning projects for some of the most innovative companies on the globe. Their values reflect those of an entrepreneurial spirit and a true creative, and their secret lies in finding the compelling sweet spot between innovation and practicality.

In this episode we talk about: 

  • What she learnt from being a singer in a girl-band that was lining up to be contracted by Sony and take on The Spice Girls;
  • The power of being creative but also knowing the practical things;
  • The importance of knowing your customer and what she learnt from a customer who took the time to give her accurate feedback;
  • The power of mentors and peer groups;
  • How her team has taken on the challenge to transform the interior design industry and its impact on the planet to being regenerative.

Connecting with Mia Feasey

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