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The Inner Chief

May 24, 2017

In this episode Kevin outlines how to seize the future, be proactive and take risks and will help you be successful in the modern business world.

We discuss many topics like:
- A manager is someone who achieves things through others.
- Be humble and maintain fierce resolve
- Deciding who is on the bus. And you've got to decide before you know where the bus is - going. To pick the people that are going to be with you on the journey. And decide where you're going together.
- When you're acting up in a role don't make this mistake that this is part time. Act as if you have the full authority of the role. It is full commitment.
- Unlocking human potential is what will keep you excited everyday.
- Have a reptuation of working well in teams and getting things done.
- No triangles. If two people keep coming to you with their problems with each other get them together in a room to talk and remove yourself from the conversation.
- It's not about the technical. It is always about the people.
- Whenever you get a chance to relieve, you double down your effort and exceed expectations
- I always believe that even in the worst problem there is always a solution there waiting for you.

Kevin nominated for his charity and I have donated $250 in his name.

Book Recommendations:
The Avantage, Patrick Lencioni.


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