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The Inner Chief

Nov 30, 2023

β€œIt's not about starting up, it's about staying up.”

In this Best of Series episode of The Inner Chief podcast, we feature Co-Founder of The Real Estate Stylist, Sara Chamberlain, on being a rebel, becoming unemployable, and knowing your business inside-out.


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I interviewed Sara for this podcast in September 2018.

A serial entrepreneur, Sara has been in business for 20 years, launching her first internationally stocked homewares range at just 21. She has bought and sold businesses, worked on the world’s largest advertising accounts in London, including Coca-Cola, Cadbury and Pizza Hut, and doubled the turnover of a retail store in under 18 months.

Along with her sister, Amy, they created Australia’s premier property styling company, The Real Estate Stylist, with the business growing from effectively a one sofa enterprise to a multi-million dollar one in a short space of time.

Their list of clients include A-listers such as Rebecca Judd and Zoe Foster Blake and the team is regularly called upon for partnerships and collaborations with, Domain, and The Collective.

Sara has also launched a business coaching seminar series, published a small business strategy guide and trained as an executive coach.

In this episode we talk about:

βœ…  How the stories we tell ourselves reflect the life we live

βœ…  Her resilience through brutally tough health issues as a child

βœ…  The importance of not making your hobby your business and why she became unemployable

βœ…  Knowing your business inside-out and building human-to-human experiences.

Connecting with Sara Chamberlain

You can reach Sara on LinkedIn and you can follow TRES on Instagram

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