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The Inner Chief

Mar 29, 2023

“I can't imagine coaching without these three strategies in my toolkit because it would be nearly impossible to deal hope.”


In today’s minisode, we are going to talk about how to prepare to run performance reviews. These are your one-to-one coaching sessions when you are assessing talent, or when you're about to go through a performance management process.

Often, managers can run into trouble; either you can’t get a low performer to lift, or you are running out of inspiration and dealing hope to a high performer. So I will give you three strategies to move past stalling in a review.

🎧👉 👂


We’re going to talk about:

✅ Understanding the goals and aspirations of your staff

✅ Assessing areas for improvement in the system around and within your team

✅ Knowing what the broader company objectives are


Stay epic,