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The Inner Chief

Jan 4, 2023

“Make building a track record of success the core thing from now because you can't possibly say you've made a difference in your job unless it's measurable.”

In today’s first minisode for 2023, I wanted to give you a bit of guidance on how to focus on starting this year strong.

I want you to look through the lens of executive excellence such that you will turn up every day in your job in a way that magnetically attracts opportunities, brings about that motivation and energy, and gets results. I want you to feel that you make an impact, that you do something that actually makes a difference in this world.

Chief, starting strong is so important. So if you're feeling like the motivation isn't there anymore, or you’re overwhelmed, you’re not recognised for your efforts, you're not growing anymore or you feel like you can't lay down a track record, then this is for you!

🎧👉 👂


We’re going to talk about:

✅ Looking ahead and looking back to benchmark your status

✅ Unlocking the GREAT method to plan out and stand out in your career

✅ Executing a strategy to bridge any gaps

Stay epic,