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The Inner Chief

Sep 13, 2022

“When you're creating your own business, there are going to be knocks and it is going to be devastating. But you need to keep getting back up, because no-one else is going to.”

In this episode of The Inner Chief podcast, we speak to food industry innovator, Cass Spies, the Founder and CEO of Twisted Healthy Treats, on being nimble, promoting from within, and winning globally.

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Cass studied a Bachelor of Science majoring in Food Technology, before travelling to London where she spent 13 years in the Financial Services industry, reaching the level of Global IT Programme Manager at Barclays Bank.

Upon returning to Australia in 2009 with a young family, Cass fulfilled her dreams of starting her own business by founding Twisted Healthy Treats, a company that produces food with lower levels of sugar and calories, based on clean, natural recipes.

Twisted products are available in 2,000 supermarket stores nationally, 5000 school canteens across Australia and New Zealand, and they are now stocked in the USA and China.

Together with her team, she has built an amazing Australian brand and has a vision of creating Australia’s best Healthy Treats.

In this episode we talk about:

✅  The origins of Twisted, how it almost shut down and why it is a significantly different business nowadays 

✅  The highs and lows of being a global retail brand, and always getting up from the knockdowns

✅  Having an all-female executive team in a male-dominated industry

✅  Why Twisted reinvests so much back into its business.

Connecting with Cass Spies

You can connect with Cass via LinkedIn.

Books and resources

Dare to Lead - by Brené Brown