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The Inner Chief

Dec 29, 2019

Welcome to the 2020 Summer Series as we take a bring you the best of the best episodes on from the world of elite sport and performance. We kick things off with a repeat of a one of our most popular episodes...

In this episode we talk about executing your Life Vision as part 2. If you haven’t listened to Episode 57 of building your Life Vision I’d recommend doing that first.  

There is an old saying, “Vision without execution is just a dream”. 

And, chief, I’ve got a confession so make this was me. I was a dreamer with all sorts of grand ideas about who or what I’d become. I always had new ideas and goals that all seemed to flow from my creative mind. 

I was the line from poem “George Gray” by Edgar Lee Masters that I read in Ep 57 on building your life vision...“a boat longing for the sea and yet afraid.” I was stuck in my own sheltered harbour. Not willing to do the hard work break the boundaries, to look inside myself at the things I liked about myself the least or the limiting beliefs I held and grow beyond them. 

It was only when I realised that all greatness requires challenge. It will requires a thousand steps one after the other to change my game. One must have a vision and one must execute. I’ve seen too many people with only one part of the pie. 

In Life Vision Part 1 we did some dreaming and created your life vision. Now we focus on execution. We take specific planned action towards our goals.