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The Inner Chief

Nov 14, 2023

β€œI started Share the Dignity because somebody bloody had to do it. And it was just something that should never have been around.”

This is a special episode only available to our podcast subscribers, which we call The Mini Chief. These are short, sharp highlights from our fabulous CEO guests, where you get a 5 to 10 minute snapshot from their full episode.

Our latest guest is Rochelle Courtenay, the Founder & Managing Director of Share The Dignity.

Her full episode is titled Leading volunteer armies, witnessing female trauma inside prison, and eradicating period poverty and you can find the full audio and show notes here:

πŸŽ§πŸ‘‰  πŸ‘‚


Rochelle is the Founder and Managing Director of Share the Dignity, a national charity founded in 2015 with the mission to ensure that everyone is afforded the dignity in life that so many of us take for granted.

The statistics on women who experience or are at risk of homelessness, domestic violence or poverty are quite astounding and Rochelle is passionate about advocating for change and creating long-term solutions.

The charity is powered by over 6,000 volunteers and Rochelle’s contagious spirit, and has collected and distributed over 4 million period products through multiple initiatives across Australia.

She has received accolades for her work including being a Finalist for Australian of the Year, Cosmopolitan Humanitarian of the Year and Pride of Australia.

Also, please get involved with Share The Dignity’s Christmas appeal campaign, #ItsInTheBag and help make this Christmas brighter for vulnerable women and girls.

In the full episode we talk about:

βœ…  Why her short time in prison allowed her to be the person she is today

βœ…  The heartbreaking stories of women whose dignity had been compromised, and what spurred her to be the changemaker

βœ…  How Share the Dignity was born, why it pivoted and how it is carefully structured as a volunteer-led army, and

βœ…  Why she believes her health is her wealth and how she consciously invests her time.

Connecting with Rochelle Courtenay

You can connect with Rochelle via LinkedIn and via her charity’s website.

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