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The Inner Chief

Nov 22, 2017

In this episode you’ll hear from Sue Murphy, CEO of Water Corp.

Sue spent 25 years at Clough engineering after completing an engineering degree where she was one of only two women out of 300 students. She has been the Water Corporation CEO since 2008 and on the board at the Fremantle Dockers for 12 months. She is also a director at Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA).

We cover how to be honest, fun and make a difference in your work.

 Key Points:

Sue’s top quotes from this episode include:

  1. I learnt that it's not what your background is that matters, it's how well you can relate to the people around you. You don't come in and enforce your own self on everybody around you, you learn about the people around you and you learn what matters to them
  2. Harold (Clough) was very strong on giving people empowerment. He's philosophy was employ the smartest, most sociable kids you can find straight out of university and let them loose and see what can happen
  3. Harold always argued you can fake it for a few hours when you work with someone and make them think you're clever, but when you work side by side with someone in a joint venture on a construction project for months and months at a time, real talent shines through. His motto was plagiarise shamelessly. We learned procedures and policies and design skills and all kind of things from our partners, but over the years we also taught a lot back