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The Inner Chief

Oct 28, 2018

In our first four minisodes on leading high performance teams we built your vision, purpose, strategy and values. The final element in building the first major pillar of High Performance Teams is Goals. These are  the goals or metrics that will inform you on your progress and success. 

Goals must be: 
- Clearly defined and linked to other goals with a measure, target performance on a particular date
- Must be aspirational targets with timeframes that result in a paradigm shift or significant change in performance
- Relevant for those who will be working towards people have a line of site from their work to the end target
- You need to check for ecology to ensure that one goal isn’t likely to be sacrificed in the pursuit of another because of systems in the backend around remuneration and reward. E.g. you might talk all about measuring values but if bonuses or annual reviews don’t include a % around how they live the values then people won’t follow it. You also need to check for ecology across departments and ensure that different department goals aren’t going to cause them to battle against each other. 
- Goals must be multi-dimensional and including Commercial, Operational, Business Improvement Projects Success, Customer Satisfaction, Marketing / Sales, Values & Culture

Goals really do round out your Mission. It is time now to do something epic. Lead a turnaround boldly like a great chief and create an atmosphere people want to be apart of. 

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