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The Inner Chief

Oct 21, 2018

In our first three minisodes on leading high performance teams we built your vision and purpose and then turned that into a strategy. 

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So your team now knows where they should be in two to three years and also why (your purpose) and how you’re getting there. Now the next question is “Who are we and what do we stand for? How will we be remembered?” 
And this starts with shared values. 

What are values? 

Values are principles or standards of behaviour; one's judgement of what is important in life.In a team sense they grow from your shared spirit...the aspiration or shared principles you have for life and work. Often we forget that there are unwritten standards of behaviour that already exist. You have a culture based on the values already at work in your team. It can be seen the behaviours and actions of people everyday. It can be seen in the stories they tell, the rituals and traditions, the way they greet each other, how they respond when things go wrong and how they celebrate. 

We cover: 

- Where leaders get them wrong
- What can happen if you get them right
- How to bring them to life in your team in a simple 3 step process
- Some examples of incredible values based leadership

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