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The Inner Chief

Feb 20, 2024

“The brain doesn't actually have a sense of time; it has a sense of trial and error cycles.”

In this Best of Series episode of The Inner Chief podcast, we feature Dr Lia DiBello Ph.D on debunking the 10,000 hour mastery rule through accelerated learning, and how this will drastically improve business outcomes.


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I interviewed Lia for this podcast in 2018, when she was the President and CEO of WTRI, an organisation that builds cutting-edge cognitive science into products that can improve performance in business. Currently, she is the Chief Science Officer for ACSILabs.

She has developed many innovative non-verbal methods of assessing skill and business judgement among executives, such as the FutureView™ Profiler, which has been recognized as a theoretical and methodological breakthrough in executive intelligence.

Lia is best known for the development of an activity-based “strategic rehearsal” that has been shown to greatly accelerate learning through cognitive reorganisation, in some cases by several months. 

She received her Ph.D in cognitive psychology at CUNY Graduate School in New York, and her work at WTRI has attracted 17 research funding awards from the National Science Foundation, NASA, and The Russell Sage Foundation.


In this episode we talk about:

✅  Unlocking your potential for accelerated learning

✅  How it is possible to cut the 10,000 hour rule of mastery down to 16 hours in a business context

✅  The number one mistake most leaders make in their learning that is costing them

✅  Using learning to drastically improve business outcomes.

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Connecting with Dr Lia DiBello Ph.D

You can reach Lia on LinkedIn.

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