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The Inner Chief

Jun 29, 2023

β€œWhen you go into a room and run a meeting with full preparation and excellence, you will automatically get buy-in from the people around you.”


In today’s minisode, I am going to go through how to be a master of conducting meetings.

I’m actually going to demonstrate how to BREAC a leg! Yes, you heard that right. Our team has come up with this wonderful model, the B-R-E-A-C a Leg set of benefits for becoming a master of meetings. And by using this model, you will start to see how you automatically get buy-in from those around you.


πŸŽ§πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‚



We’re going to talk about:

βœ…  Lifting a meeting room’s energy

βœ…  How to get action and traction as a result of a meeting

βœ…  3 key tips on navigating difficult meetings.

Stay epic,



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