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The Inner Chief

Apr 5, 2023

“A plan executed aggressively now is better than a plan executed perfectly in a week's time. Let's just get on with it and we can finesse and refine as we go, as opposed to sitting on it and dreaming for another week.”

In this episode of The Inner Chief podcast, we speak to Paris Thomson, Founder and Creative Director of SIRAP, on manifesting success and inspiration through full-sensory visualisation, and relationship-building in the flesh.

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Paris is the award-winning Founder and Creative Director of SIRAP, a full-service creative studio founded in 2013 that produces best-in-class content for some of Australia’s most prestigious and recognisable brands including Lexus, David Jones, Visit Victoria and Crown Casino.

She is a globally in-demand creative and her work has also taken her internationally to Venice, Hong Kong, Milan and New York.

Paris has earned a reputation as a highly-respected leader, entrepreneur, and businesswoman. She was named best Film Director in the inaugural B&T ‘Best of the Best’ Awards category in 2021, and shortlisted for B&T’s 2021 Women in Media Awards in the Creative category.

In this episode we talk about:

✅  Her experiences with meditation, flow and her full-sensory visualisation techniques

✅  What she does in moments of pressure and how she has built up her “resilience bank”

✅  Her creative process and how she harnesses moments of inspiration, and

✅  Stepping back so as to step up and empower her team to make decisions.

Connecting with Paris Thomson

You can connect with Paris via LinkedIn.

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