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The Inner Chief

Mar 18, 2023

“One of the things that can make it a dream job is that if your suck factor is 20% or less, sweet spot baby!”

In this Best of Series episode, we hear from speaker and author, Mitch Matthews of Dream, Think, Do, on bringing science to dreaming, and igniting your career.

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I interviewed Mitch for this podcast back in June 2018.

Mitch is a keynote speaker, success coach, and best-selling author.

He speaks to student, corporate, non-profit, and association audiences around the world on the power of ‘dream, think, do'.

In 2006, Mitch held a big dream gathering, which was originally supposed to be something his friends and family could do for a few hours to get clear on their dreams. But this simple concept became a movement that hasn't stopped since and thousands of dreams have been launched as a result!

Mitch has his own podcast called “Dream, Think, Do.” where he inspires people around the world to dream bigger, think bigger, be better, and do more

In this episode, you’re going to hear Mitch talk about:

✅  The original Dream Gatherings and their growth to massive events

✅  Where people go wrong with their dreaming and what the way is to get it right - and the science behind this

✅  The importance of sharing our dreams, and

✅  Why even dream jobs will have 20% suck factor.

Connecting with Mitch Matthews

You can connect with Mitch via his website and his podcast.

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