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The Inner Chief

Mar 1, 2023

“So many times we’re waiting for someone to save us. We’re not taking that ownership. No one’s coming.”

In today’s episode we are going to turn the tables! That’s right, our Head of Production, Rob Flude, is going to interview me.

Chiefs, we have recorded 272 episodes and it has been all me. I’ve either been the interviewer or the bloke giving you some short, concise advice in the form of minisodes.

So today, I’m jumping into the hot seat and you are going to hear from me about my background, and my journey towards founding and running Chief Maker and the Inner Chief podcast, as well as searching for a life beyond my wildest dreams. I’ll also answer some of the regular Inner Chief CEO episode questions, and you’ll get to hear my no bull advice I have for future generations of leaders and executives.

🎧👉 👂


Stay epic,