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The Inner Chief

Feb 23, 2023

β€œToo much granular data can stifle creativity and innovation, and it can also make people feel like they're carrying the weight of the world around on their shoulders.”


In this episode, we are launching a Chief Maker first! And that is a panel interview where we deep dive on a particular topic, which today is how these 3 Council of Chiefs members and former Inner Chief podcast guests go about using data, metrics and scoreboards to run their businesses.

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On the panel, we have:

  • Kristen Podagiel, a former Managing Partner at McCullough Robertson, a leading independent Australian law firm. You can listen to Kristen’s episode here.

  • Ron Gauci, a leader and executive in the technology and sporting worlds and known as the Turnaround CEO. You can listen to Ron’s episode here.

  • Baden Stephenson, the CEO of the Melbourne Rebels rugby club. You can listen to Baden’s episode here.


Today, the panel is going to cover:

βœ…  What data, metrics and scoreboards are used by these leaders in their respective industries and businesses

βœ…  How to get it right in setting inputs up correctly and removing any bias

βœ…  The pitfalls of data, and developing dashboards around human psychology, and

βœ…  Data they would love to be able to measure.


Connecting with the panel