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The Inner Chief

Nov 11, 2021

In this latest episode of our Best of Series, you’ll hear from Todd Hunter, Group CEO of Turners Automotive, on asking great questions, humility and how pressure is a privilege.


We interviewed Todd back in August 2017 and he is the brother of Daniel Hunter, another chief we have featured recently on the Best of Series - episode 202.

Todd has had broad career experience, from being a Financial Accountant with Ernst & Young, to a Marketing Manager with Microsoft New Zealand, to Corporate & Government Sector Manager at New Zealand Post.

He spent 7 years at Turners before assuming the role of CEO.

Today, you’re going to hear Todd talk about:

  • Having the courage of your convictions and dealing with hostile people;
  • Asking great questions versus having every answer;
  • Why humility is such an important quality for a CEO to have; and
  • How the pressure of a leadership position is a privilege.

Connecting with Todd Hunter

You can connect with Todd via LinkedIn.

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