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The Inner Chief

Sep 23, 2021

In this episode of The Inner Chief, you’ll hear from Antonia Mercorella, CEO of The REIQ, on tackling the hard stuff, resolving conflict, and sharing your vision.


Antonia is the Chief Executive Officer of The Real Estate Institute of Queensland. She is the first female CEO, and also the youngest person ever appointed to lead the organisation, and has transformed the 103-year-old Institute into one of most progressive and high-profile industry associations in Australia.

Prior to her appointment as CEO, Antonia worked with the REIQ as Deputy CEO and before that, as General Counsel.

She has also worked as principal legal advisor to the Real Estate Institute of South Australia, and as a commercial lawyer specialising in property and real estate.

In this episode we talk all about:

  • Tackling the hard stuff that no-one else wants to;
  • Resolving conflict early and effectively;
  • The key you skills you need to have as a CEO; and
  • Sharing your organisation’s vision across the company.


Connecting with Antonia Mercorella

You can connect with Antonia via LinkedIn

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