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The Inner Chief

May 26, 2021

Our topic today is the lessons learnt from 200 episodes.


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It's a significant milestone to make it to 200 episodes. Right at the beginning, one of my podcasting mentors said to me not to bother unless I was going to give it 5 years. And here we are 4 years later. So today is a tribute to the CEOs and gurus we have had on the show, and a tribute to each of you who have followed and engaged with the podcast. Here are the 5 lessons:

  1. There is no such thing as an overnight success
  2. You learn the most when you climb without ropes
  3. It's not what you do, but how you do it
  4. Get really good at one thing
  5. Spend as much time with the highest calibre of people

Thank you again from all of us at The Chief Maker. Here's to another 200 episodes!

Stay epic,