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The Inner Chief

Oct 31, 2019

In this episode, we meet Greg Dickason, Managing Director Pacific of LexisNexis on career opportunities, getting out of your comfort zone and the future of technology in business.


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In July 2019, Greg took on the role of Managing Director Pacific of LexisNexis, the leading provider of Content, Analytics and Software solutions for Legal, Risk and Compliance.


His previous positions were as CTO with CoreLogic RP Data, while earlier in his career, Greg held senior management positions at Virgin Mobile UK and Unisys.


In this episode we talk about: 

  • Taking career-defining opportunities by getting out of his comfort zone and moving countries;
  • His top 3 tips for getting out of a stalling career;
  • How he gets his executive team and their teams to focus on the most important tasks; and 
  • The future of technology, particularly AI and big data, and what this means for business.


Connecting with Greg Dickason

You can reach Greg via LinkedIn. You can read more about his company on the LexisNexis website.


Books and resources mentioned in the episode