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The Inner Chief

Mar 22, 2019

In this episode we meet Rob Patterson

Rob Patterson is a senior Executive with extensive experience in the leadership and significant growth of national professional service firms.

Rob is the former COO of  HWL Ebsworth Rob where he played a key role overseeing the metamorphosis of a small Melbourne Based Legal Practice (40 employees, Turnover $3m) into a National Commercial Law firm of over 600 people and turnover in excess of $150M. Now Australia’s largest firm by partner numbers.

Rob then joined Macpherson Kelley as COO and led a similar transformation there and is now the Managing Director of the Parkins Lane Consulting Group which focuses on creating and executing on strategy, growth and marketing for professional Services firms.

Outside of work he is a keen surfer, grows Sangiovese vines, has an amazing partner Kim and is the proud father of Abbey who is just embarking on her own professional career.


  • In this episode we talk about:
    • How he grew their business from $3M to $150M
    • The importance of relationships and being a known quantity when going for roles
    • Humility and self-regulation
    • How to grow your personal brand and business