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The Inner Chief

Oct 25, 2023

β€œThe really successful companies will be the ones that realise that they can't set a bunch of policies at a company level and think it's going to work for everybody; rather, they will have highly personalised employee experiences."

This is a special episode only available to our podcast subscribers, which we call The Mini Chief. These are short, sharp highlights from our fabulous CEO guests, where you get a 5 to 10 minute snapshot from their full episode.

Our latest guest is the CEO of The VERSA Group, Kath Blackham.

Her full episode is titled Extracting huge value from diversity and inclusion, mental health in the workplace and using tech for good and you can find the full audio and show notes here:

πŸŽ§πŸ‘‰  πŸ‘‚




Kath is the Founder and CEO of VERSA Connects and VERSA Agency. VERSA helps Operations, Marketing, Customer Service, and Digital Transformation to integrate conversational, voice, and AI technologies, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

She is a global leader in Conversational AI and is also  an in-demand speaker on the topics of AI, Voice Technologies, The Future of Work, and Mental Health in the Workplace. 

Kath is also a mentor for a number of women across different industries and a strong advocate for mental health in the workplace and is a pioneer of the four-day week in Australia.

Her career journey so far has included senior roles at both SEEK and The REA Group.

In this episode we talk about:

βœ…  Leading the workforce to become more productive, balanced, and recovered

βœ…  Allowing employees to personalise their experience of the workplace

βœ…  Leveraging diversity to find everyone’s superpower, and

βœ…  Being transparent about topics such as menopause

Connecting with Kath Blackham

You can connect with Kath via LinkedIn.

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