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The Inner Chief

Aug 28, 2019

In this episode, we meet Janine Shepherd AM, Resilience and Motivation guru on Cultivating gratitude, the 12 Pillars of Resilience and healing through laughter.


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Janine was an Australian cross country skier, when in 1986, while training for the Winter Olympics on her bike in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, she was hit by a speeding truck. She broke multiple bones in her body, lost 5 litres of blood and spent the next 6 months in the spinal unit of a hospital where she began her long journey from probable death to recovery.


While learning to walk again, she gained her private and commercial pilot’s licences and has gone on to receive an instructor rating, an aerobatics rating and seaplane rating.


Janine has also completed multiple academic qualifications and written 6 books, inspired films and coached and spoken to millions of people.


She has 3 children, and received the Order of Australia (AM) in 2001 and the Outstanding Young Person of the World in 1998.


In this episode we talk about: 

  • How the power of cultivating gratitude and the gift of acceptance got her through her hospital experience;
  • How letting go of her former identity helped her discover a new one beyond her wildest dreams;
  • The resilience she developed while going through a marriage breakup, financial disaster and moving countries;
  • Finding laughter and rewiring your brain for a different experience of life; and
  • How the ketogenic diet helped her become pain-free.


Connecting with Janine Shepherd AM

You can reach Janine on her website and can find her various books on Amazon.


Books and resources mentioned in the episode