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The Inner Chief

Feb 17, 2019

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Our High performance teams series now enters part 13, and we’re right into the High Performance Culture pillar, where today we look at how to get your team focussed on winning, and collaborating intensively.


In this episode, we cover how to get your team members to come along on the journey in pursuing excellence, but also how to simultaneously avoid becoming too internally focussed and operational.


One of the ways true chiefs get the best out of their troops is to compete externally, that is, changing the game of the industry, giving the team the energy and the tools to be the best. Sometimes the converse is true, where a bunch of individuals end up competing against one another; the result being low energy, a team that’s defensively-minded and you as the leader can’t drive your own track record and career momentum.


So how does one set up and lead a high-performing, industry-leading, best-of-the-best team that hunts and isn’t the hunted?


In this episode, I outline:

  • How continuous learning can shift your mindset from being operational and technical to changing the game;
  • How getting out of your own work environment will help you look at your challenges and problems with a different perspective;
  • How to create an environment where failure and trying new things is normal, either internally or through external partnerships; and
  • Why even the top performers have mentors and coaches as they have a hunting mindset.


Stay epic,