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The Inner Chief

Nov 19, 2018

Part 7 of our series on building High Performance Teams continues to look at the second pillar - People. And in this case The Right Role for your people. 
Once you’ve formed the right group of people, which we covered in Ep 86, now its about taking a step back and analysing if you have the right role for each of those people. A role that will bring out their best and get the job done for the team. 
The best people can crash and burn in the wrong role and a low performer can start thriving in a role that plays to their strengths and focuses on work that they value. 
Remember, an individual can outgrow a role and when that happens every day they turn up can feel like a step back. It can be soul destroying and in situations like that it’s a significant move if you can help them feel appreciated for their real potential. And  sometimes a role can be too big or the wrong shape for someone. E.g. If they’ve been in an operational line management role which plays to their technical expertise and they’ve shifted into an internal support role which is all about influencing it can be a huge leap. Particularly if they have to lead transformation on a topic or through a process that is new to them. 
Of course, every role has suck factor. And mostly people understand that and can handle it to a certain point. As the leader it’s your job to make sure that the suck factor doesn’t get too much or get them down.
Here are three steps to optimising the roles of your people: 
1. Start with a blank canvas and considering the targets and challenge the organisation needs of you draw up the roles that you need to do the job (without the people’s names).
2. Once you’ve worked out the roles and tasks that need doing add in your people to each of the roles. 
3. Be creative about how you can make that role more interesting and challenging in a way that brings out their very best. Consider their strengths, their goals and the kind of work that they value. 
Remember, a basketball coach would never put a 7-foot tall centre at point-guard and netball coach wouldn’t put a wing-defence at goal attack. They’d be doomed to failure. Think like a coach. How can you make the lives of your people better through role adjustment alone. 
Now you’ve got the right people, get creative and smart so that they’re also in the right roles. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find an immediate boost to performance and energy across the team. 
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