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The Inner Chief

Nov 11, 2018

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In our first five minisodes on leading high performance teams we built your mission and this was the vision, purpose, strategy, values and goals of your team. We’ll spend the next 5 weeks focusing on what makes it all happen - PEOPLE. 

And to start off we’ll look at getting the RIGHT PEOPLE on your team. As Jim Collins said, “Get the right people on the bus and wrong people off the bus.” 

In many ways, this is actually the first step. But in reality you need to keep checking in to see if you’ve got the right people. And so that is first question, if you think about your mission and the aspirational goals you’ve got, then straight up, do you have the team that can do that? 

If your answer isn’t a confident yes, if there is someone who you’re unsure of that is nagging away at you then let’s look at it. Review your team and ask yourself, are we a title winning team. Who am I unsure about and is it their skill or their character? 
This is something where you really have to follow your intuition. If they’re unhappy and causing trouble it’s likely their spreading their unhappiness throughout the team and everyone will be more than comfortable if you move them on. In fact, sometimes you’re doing them a huge favour…even if they don’t realise it in the moment. In the end, some people have gotten too toxic and it’s too hard for them to rescue their reputation in the time required. This takes courage and humility and resilience but all great chiefs ensure they have the right people on the bus at the beginning. 

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