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The Inner Chief

Sep 13, 2018

In this episode we talk with CEO of SalesITV Dean Mannix on overcoming your limitations to live a bigger life and selling like the best in the world


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He is the author of Australia’s largest library of video sales and service training and has delivered sales performance projects in over 25 countries. Dean is recognised as one of Australia’s leading sales performance coaches with 30 years of legal, finance, sales and management experience. He advises, coaches and trains senior executives from many of the world’s leading corporations.

He has also been the CEO of a leading property development and childcare management company which he built to a team of 140 employees. He then developed and led a highly successful sales team in the technology space and simultaneously grew his consulting business.

Dean has an Executive MBA from the AGSM and he is also a qualified Yoga teacher.  

He is now the CEO of SalesITV.

We cover:

- How we coped with the murder of his father at 15

- How we built a multi-million dollar childcare business and then lost it all by 26

- How we has become the trusted sales coach of the world's biggest companies

- Resilience and living a better life

- The most important steps to sell like the best in the world


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