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The Inner Chief

Aug 19, 2018

In this episode, I answer a question from a subscriber. How do I overcome imposter syndrome?

Over the next three minisodes we’ll explore some powerful ways to beat imposter syndrome so you feel comfortable in your own skin and clear in your mind. 

Assuming you do have most of the skills necessary for the job the three main causes of imposter syndrome are: 

• Unrealistic or incongruent vision of the role
• No set process of recentering
• Lack of clarity 

In Part 1 today we cover: 

• Develop  a congruent vision of you in the role
• Dealing with hidden assumptions

In Episode 67 I’ll cover processes for recentering and in episode 69 we’ll talk about creating clarity.

The single biggest assumption that people make is that the day their role changes is the day their whole mindset and outlook will change. The two aren’t related. To feel like a boss, like a chief, you have to cultivate that feeling. This means you need to be rock solid in your belief in the path you’re on. 

I remember the first time I entered a board room for a big meeting with an executive team back when I was a project manager. I was pretty nervous and had put all these people on a pedestal. Over the next few months of reporting to them I realised it was often a facade. Every single person in that room was just trying their best and were far from perfect. 

Imposter Syndrome strikes when you’re trying on something that doesn’t fit yet. It doesn’t fit for a few reasons: 
1. What you’re trying to be isn’t you. You’re trying to be like a CEO you’ve seen or met. But that is there style. Not yours. It’ll never feel right. You’ll always feel like you’re being someone else.
2. You’ve got unrealistic expectations or beliefs about what it’s like for others in the role
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