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The Inner Chief

Jul 25, 2018

In this week’s episode we meet Katrina McCarter the Founder and CEO of Marketing to Mums. She is a Marketing Strategist, Best-selling Author, Speaker and Advisor, who specialises in helping businesses sell more to world’s most powerful consumer, Mums.


An award-winning businesswoman and mother of three, Katrina founded an award winning online shopping website for mums called which she grew to a community of 150,000.


Katrina is the author of bestselling business book, Marketing to Mums, and is a regular contributor to business media.


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  1. What is the biggest mistake organisations make in marketing to mums?
  2. What are the steps people should follow if they’re thinking about starting out on their own?
  3. How can people be more influential through their own work in large organisations?
  4. What is an intrapreneur and how can professionals be one?
  5. How have you planned the future of your life?
  6. How can people build more confidence in their work and in the early stages of starting their own business?
  7. What kind of structures should they put in place to be more effective?