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The Inner Chief

Apr 16, 2024

β€œAmateurs do it until they get it right; professionals do it until they can't get it wrong.”


In this episode of The Inner Chief podcast, I speak to Natalie Cook OAM OLY on how to out-think the competition, and why it takes an ecosystem to win a gold medal.

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Nat is a five-time Olympian, Gold and Bronze Medallist in beach volleyball, representing Australia in the Summer Olympics between 1996 and 2012.

A passionate athlete advocate, Nat has always been a champion of the transformational power of sport and the life lessons learnt pursuing your dreams.

Her trademark authenticity, energy and ease, combined with her success as both an elite athlete and influential business leader, make Nat a powerful motivational speaker and strategic sports and wellbeing advisor.

Serving as a Director of Brisbane 2032, Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee, and holding a position on the World Olympians Association Board, Nat is a firm believer in the Games' potential to create enduring legacies for individuals, businesses, and society as a whole.


In this episode we talk about:

βœ…  The ecosystem of things required to go right for the eventual winning of a gold medal

βœ…  How, in competition, she used the metaphor of attacking the opposition from the top of the hill

βœ…  The mindsets and mind techniques she learnt being an elite full-time athlete, including how to make the crowd work for you

βœ…  Working with a former Chief Maker guest, Dr Jeff Spencer, on adjusting to life after an Olympics, and

βœ…  The incredible work she is doing behind the scenes to support not only Brisbane 2032 but also prospective Australian athletes striving to make the Games.


Deal hope,



Connecting with Natalie Cook OAM OLY

You can connect with Nat via LinkedIn, her website and Aussie Athlete Fund.

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