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The Inner Chief

Oct 27, 2023

β€œAll you have to do is make it better, do different things and the world's at your feet. The funny thing is, we're the only ones who thought of doing this and that surprised the heck out of me."

In this episode of The Inner Chief podcast, I speak to Geoff Bell, the CEO of MicroBioGen, on how a stockbroker became a biotech success story, using patience as a competitive advantage, and why exercise is his best thinking time.

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Geoff is a former stockbroker turned CEO of leading Australian biotechnology company, MicroBioGen, which has delivered yeast innovation technology solutions to industry leaders globally for more than 20 years.

Upon finishing high school and while studying, Geoff founded a family-run business hosting ski trips around Europe for 10 years, before selling it.

His career in investment banking spanned 15 years, holding senior roles at leading European bank BNP Paribas and winning numerous industry awards.

After reaching a career crossroads and trying to balance family life and his professional exploits, Geoff came to the helm of MicroBioGen in 2006, and has overseen $8 million in government funding, and profitability since 2018, with revenue growing at 65% per year.

In this episode we talk about:

βœ…  Building his career track record by assessing his skills gaps to get ahead of the competition

βœ…  The ups and downs of running a biotech firm and how they almost became part of the 99% that fail

βœ…  Why their key competitive advantage is patience, and

βœ…  What’s next for the industry as the world transitions to more sustainable biotechnology and fuels.

Thanks to FTI Consulting for introducing us to Geoff.

Connecting with Geoff Bell

You can connect with Geoff via LinkedIn.

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