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The Inner Chief

Jan 11, 2023

β€œThere's 1.35 million tech-enabled impact-focused startups created every single year around the world. Entrepreneurs are spending 60% plus of their time trying to raise capital in a market that they don't understand because it's a dark art.”

In this episode of The Inner Chief podcast, I speak to Ant Moorhouse, Co-Founder and CEO of EarthTech, on purpose-driven leadership, and changing the planet by harnessing technology and capitalism.

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Before becoming the purpose-driven serial entrepreneur and leader that he is today, Ant was a Counter Terrorism Commander in the Australian Special Forces.

After a decade in the military, he started a crisis response and medical evacuation company with $19,000 on his kitchen table. 10 years later he sold his firm to a multi-national insurance company.

Ant spent 4 years inside the tech scene in Boulder Colorado, honing his craft, before returning home to Australia.

In 2019, he and business partner Brian Keayes co-founded EarthTech, a platform on a mission to help mobilise the global resources needed to positively impact 1 billion lives and achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

In this episode we talk about:

βœ…  What he learnt about himself and others during his military career

βœ…  The pitfalls of transitioning from Special Forces to entrepreneurship

βœ…  Growing pains of a scaling business

βœ…  How EarthTech is harnessing the power of technology and capitalism to create positive change at scale.

Connecting with Ant Moorhouse

You can connect with Ant via LinkedIn and check out the EarthTech website.

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