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The Inner Chief

Dec 20, 2022

β€œIf you think the relationships you have to build are just at your level, then there's a very good chance down the track you're going to run into some trouble.”


In today’s minisode, I wanted to bring to you five new lessons from the Chiefs from 2022, and we wanted to bring to you and share with you these lessons to help you finish out the year and then come out fighting even better next year.


πŸŽ§πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‚



We’re going to talk about:

βœ… Hiring people smarter than you and letting them bring their magic

βœ… Getting external support from your peers in roles similar to you

βœ… Investing generously in your team

βœ… Building strong relationships with the Chair and the Board

βœ… Keeping things simple


Stay epic,