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The Inner Chief

Nov 24, 2022

β€œI've got this simple mantra: I refuse to listen to problems or issues, but I'll listen to opportunities and challenges.”

In this episode of The Inner Chief podcast, we speak to Angus McPherson, Managing Director Australia of Diageo, on creating momentum, difficult conversations, and simplifying your message.

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Angus took on the role of Diageo Australia Managing Director in April 2020, joining in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and Australia’s widespread lockdowns. He has led them through to the other side, where Diageo currently represents 30% of the spirits market in Australia, producing more than 10 million cases annually.

Prior to this role he spent close to a decade at Treasury Wine Estates holding various Managing Director roles. In his last position, he had accountability for the largest business in North America and led the global sales function.

Angus grew up in the wine industry, with his parents having a wine bottling business. After graduating from Sydney University with a degree in economics, he held several positions with alcohol-related enterprises.

In this episode we talk about:

βœ…  Empowering your team to build momentum

βœ…  Turning problems into challenges, and then into opportunities and solutions

βœ…  Having honest conversations about performance

βœ…  Simplifying your message for greater effect

Connecting with Angus McPherson

You can connect with Angus via LinkedIn.

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