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The Inner Chief

Sep 29, 2022

“A leader doesn't make a great business; the people make a great business. The leader just helps bring out the best in its people.”

In this episode of The Inner Chief podcast, we speak to Mark Pomeroy, CEO of Pomeroy Pacific, on managing risk, asking great questions, and succeeding in a family business.

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Since 2005, Mark has been the CEO of Pomeroy Pacific, one of Australia's premier development and project management firms with over 50 years of funding and delivering successful projects.

Before he joined the family business, Mark completed a Law Degree from Monash University and spent 3 years on KPMG’s Graduate program.

He is also an alumni of the Harvard Business School, having studied on their Real Estate Program.

Mark is an executive of the YPO Yarra Melbourne chapter, having been involved for the last 9 years, including a 2 year stint as Chair.

In this episode we talk about:

✅  The incredible mentoring he got from his father, Dug, after coming into the business without much experience in the industry

✅  Why they have succeeded where many family business have failed

✅  How managing risk is the most critical activity in construction

✅  Understanding the “why” before making any decisions.

Connecting with Mark Pomeroy

You can connect with Mark via LinkedIn.

Books and resources

Good to Great - by Jim Collins