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The Inner Chief

Sep 7, 2022

“The research is bulletproof; when you're in love with your job, the people with whom you live and who report to you are 80% more likely to be thriving as well.”

In today’s minisode, I want to help you move up by moving past.

Fundamentally, your career is a journey. There are peaks, troughs, stalls, rises, plateaus and everything in between. And unless you have the tools to create your own destiny, then your career journey will be in someone else’s hands, you’ll become part of the 80% who don’t progress and you will get more and more frustrated.

🎧👉 👂


We’re going to talk about:

A Career Journey Map and where the plateaus can occur

What you could be missing from your career that results in a career stall

Using the GREAT Method to get promoted faster


Stay epic,