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The Inner Chief

Mar 27, 2018

In this episode we hear from Brad Gordon, former CEO of Acacia Mining Limited. We cover the importance of getting out from behind your desk, how to create a game that inspires your people and attracts the best talent. 

Until recently, Brad Gordon was the CEO of Acacia Mining Limited. Prior to that he has also been the CEO of Entrepid Mines Limited, Emperor Mines Limited and was Managing Director of Placer Dome, New Guinea.

Key Questions I ask Brad Gordon:

• What you do love about mining and being underground? 
• Were there any setbacks along the way?
• What is your secret sauce? The thing you can do better than almost anyone else? 
• So what advice would you give to someone who's in that middle level of their career and all of a sudden they're stuck, they're not going up any further?
• Do you have any moments when you doubt your abilities? What do you do in those moments to keep going? 
• Did anyone give you any feedback to you personally that really rang true for you? That was important for the young Brad Gordon to hear? 
• What you have learned about yourself over the past 10 years?
• How do you stay focused?
• Where do leaders in the middle and senior management waste their time and effort? 
• How do you get the right people on your team? 
• Where do people get transformations right and where do they go wrong?
• What is the final message of wisdom and hope you think is vital for the next generation of executives?