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The Inner Chief

Aug 10, 2022

“It’s not about saying “no” or trying to dodge work; you’re actually trying to be better for the company you work for. You’re putting them first.”

In today’s minisode, I want to save you some time. You know the score, you’ve accepted a meeting invite and you turn up to the meeting and there’s no agenda, no plan, no defined outcome, and you probably weren’t even needed or the meeting could have been replaced by an email. Or it’s a project that you don’t have capacity for based on your current agreed workload.

🎧👉 👂


We’re going to talk about:

Acknowledging that meetings are the performance theatre for executives

Establishing the purpose of a meeting and whether you have the information to make it meaningful

Working with your boss to prioritise tasks, initiatives and, therefore, meetings

Stay epic,