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The Inner Chief

Mar 30, 2022

“Life’s too short for instant coffee and cheap shoes.”

In this Best of Series episode, we hear from former CEO of Water Corporation, Sue Murphy, on leading transformation, and how to be honest, fun and make a difference in your work.


We interviewed Sue back in November 2017, when she was the CEO of Water Corporation in Perth, having led the organisation since 2008. Sue finished up there in 2018, having joined Water Corp as the GM of Planning & Infrastructure in 2004.

Preceding this was a 25 year stint at Clough Engineering, where she started as a scholarship recipient after completing an Engineering degree from the University of Western Australia, where she was one of only two women out of 300 students.

Sue is now an accomplished Director. She has sat on the board of The Fremantle Dockers and the Water Services Association of Australia, and currently is a Director of the West Australian Treasury Corporation and MMA Offshore Limited. She’s also come full circle and serves on the Senate of the University of Western Australia.

In this episode, you’re going to hear Sue talk about:

  • Building people-first organisations through empowerment;
  • The joy and experiences of working on construction projects;
  • Why the path to leadership should only be for those who aspire to it; and
  • Leading transformations and bringing people along on the journey.

Connecting with Sue Murphy

You can connect with Sue via LinkedIn.

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