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The Inner Chief

Jul 18, 2019

Welcome to the third episode in our 2019 Winter Wisdom Series: a collection of the best of the best from our first 128 episodes of The Inner Chief podcast.


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So far we’ve covered Reading Recommendations and How to Get Unstuck. And this week we’re talking about Mentors.


In this episode, we’re going to cover the following:

  1. WHY having a mentor is so important;
  2. HOW to get a mentor and WHO to approach;
  3. WHAT to do once you have one;
  4. The impact of having a mentor on your career and personal development; and
  5. Networking your way to a mentor.

We asked more than 50 CEOs about the importance of mentors in their career journey. Every single one of them sees them as a critical element. Let’s find out more.