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The Inner Chief

May 26, 2019

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After 25 weeks our Our High Performance teams series now enters the final episode, finishing on Communications.

In this episode we cover:

  • The 7 Big Things you need to communicate
    • Why you do what you do - Purpose
    • What you’re going to do - Vision & Goals
    • How you’re going to do it - Strategy and Tactics
    • Who is going to to do what - Role clarity
    • Your style in doing it - Values and Standards
    • Updates on progress
    • Victories & Loss
      • Victories = tell the story in great depth, give credit to the team members that nailed it
      • Losses = Talk about it, open up, inspire about the comeback
  • How often you need to communicate
  • What to do in a crisis and when setbacks hit
  • Using stories and analogy (themes)
  • A philosophy = Repetition, repetition, repetition & listen, listen, listen.

Stay epic,