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The Inner Chief

Feb 24, 2019

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We’ve made it to Episode 100!!! What a cracking topic we have in store for you today.


Our High Performance Teams series now enters part 14, and we’re into the penultimate element of what drives a high performance Culture, where today we look at the power of high standards and how this drives feedback, accountability and unity across a team.


In this episode, we cover the one topic that my clients ask me about more than anything. And that is how to increase accountability in their teams and how to get people to take ownership of their work, and stop them becoming victims.


“Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. This is more than just a brilliant quote by Ken Blanchard; this is instrumental and at the core of high-performing, accountable teams. But it’s easy to get wrong when giving it out, especially if you have no leadership currency, and it can become a really draining process.


In this episode, I outline:

  • Why living and breathing your organisation’s values is where you need to start;
  • How you can turn the values into specific behavioural high standards across your team and how to get them to be accountable to these standards;
  • How your team can enjoy continuous feedback in such a way that they serve the higher standards you seek to attain;
  • How all of the above starts with you - you raising the bar, you being accountable, you improving continuously based on feedback.

Stay epic,